Didsbury 2015 – final results

This year’s sale raised over $190,000!

Thank you to everyone who made it such a success by attending, donating items, purchasing items, and by participating in Go!

Auction 66,422.50
Donations 41,855.68
Travelling Quilt donations (water, food, peace) 10,925.00
My Coins Count donations (water) 22,600.01
Booth sales (see details below) 33,545.23
Go! donations 5,180.00
Presale surplus 9,784.84
Total Raised for MCC 190,313.26


Booth sales details
Catalogues 349.00
Craft Table 3,517.00
Kid’s Auction 133.00
MCC Merchandise 2,418.00
Sausage 4,199.58
Thrift Shop 2,455.10
Tickets 14,877.85
Friday Supper 5,595.70
Saturday Breakfast (not including tickets) 823.00
Total Booth Sales 33,545.23


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