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Support relief, development, and peace work at the MCC Sale! There’s something for everyone: handmade quilts, fair trade gifts, and great food! Find out about MCC’s work at

My Coins Count

Your small change making a BIG change in the world.

We encourage you to creatively collect coins (and bills) and invite you to share your collection process with us!

There are also fun activities for adults and children on the My Coins Count website – check it out!

You don’t have to limit your efforts to coins! Bills are gratefully accepted too, and they are a lot easier to transport.  All these funds go a long way towards helping people in need all over the world.

Nepal – Life giving water

This years coins will collected for Nepal’s Water projects.

Palka-3 is a bustling village in Dhading district with around 90 families living there.

This community did not have an adequate supply of clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. Seeing the need of the community, MCC partner Shanti Nepal provided a drinking water system in this area which now provides all 90 families with enough water for daily needs.

Before, residents needed to walk almost an hour to fetch a limited amount of water to meet their cooking and drinking needs. Now there is enough water that is used for multiple household purposes including cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and drinking. The community people appreciate the work of MCC partner Shanti Nepal.

With your support, more drinking water systems and bathrooms will be reconstructed in Dhading district.

Thank you for helping provide safe, clean drinking water in Nepal.

How can you help?

$150 trains one water management committee
$1,470 builds one disaster-resistant community bathroom
$8,800 builds one disaster-resistant complete drinking water system

If you can count and roll your own coins before bringing them to the sale, or even deposit them at the bank and give MCC paper money or a cheque (made payable to “Mennonite Central Committee”), it is a huge help!


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