My Coins Count

Your small change making a BIG change in the world.

The money raised this year will be going to a water project in Uganda, that works with the St. Johns Primary School, to fabricate hand washing stations, latrines and shower rooms.

We encourage you to creatively collect coins (and bills) and invite you to share your collection process with us!

In previous years we have had matching donors for the My Coins Count campaign. Encourage members in your congregation to match the total amount collected in your church. All such donations are eligible for a donation receipt.

There are also fun activities for adults and children on the My Coins Count website – check it out!

You don’t have to limit your efforts to coins! Bills are gratefully accepted too, and they are a lot easier to transport.  All these funds go a long way towards helping people in need all over the world.

If you can count and roll your own coins before bringing them to the sale, or even deposit them at the bank and give MCC paper money or a cheque (made payable to “Mennonite Central Committee”), it is a huge help!

Thank you so much!!